Ogongo Library Project Purchases

There are only a few days before I have to leave Ogongo. I feel very good about what I was able to accomplish during my stay. It is reassuring that Rachel will still be here to oversee things at the library, at least until December. She is probably going to extent for another year as well, which means I may be able to come back again! I want to give everyone an update on how your contributions were used up to this point. Our original plan to actually build a new building had to be revise several weeks after I arrived. The cost was much more than we anticipated for new construction. Fortunately, our alternative plan worked out quite nicely and we were able to establish a wonderful space for the library in the same room as the recently recieved computers. Eventually a larger space for the library will be needed, but for now, it works quite well.
If Rachel does extend for another year at the school she is hoping to only teach computer skills to learners and teachers, and be in charge of the library. I know she will take good care of all that has been accomplished there.
Following is a list of what has been purchased for the library and Ogongo School:
Photo Copy Machine - $1050.00 (something that was greatly needed by the teachers)
2 Rugs - $ 130.00
Fabric for Computer covers - $ 50.00
Fencing for New Classrooms -$ 675.00 (new classrooms could not be used without a fence)
Electricity for the Library - $ 400.00 (pays for electricity thru December 2009)
13 Dictionaries - $ 175.00 (10 regular, 1 Science, 1 Physics, 1 Chemistry)
Globe - $ 75.00 (in the library and for use by teachers)
2 Large Maps - $ 65.00 (high quality laminated for the S.Studies teachers)
Library supplies - $ 50.00 (tape for book labels, card stock paper, etc.)
Recreational Balls - $ 75.00 (2 soccer balls, 1 netball, 2 P.E. balls, 4 balls for gr.1-4)
18 Big Books for Primary Grades
Teacher resource materials for math & science
15 Laminated Math & Science Posters

Thank you again for all your support.