New Project Ideas

Rachel has officially signed on for a second year teaching in Namibia! This also means that I will be able to come and work with her again next spring. We have been discussing plans for the focus during my stay which includes the help of my husband Marc for 1 week.
Just before leaving Ogongo last August, I was made aware that there was an independantly run kindergarten very close to the school. As you can see from the photo, they literally have nothing other than a set of plastic stacking chairs for the 24+ children that come to the small room for kindergarten. This is not part of the public education system so there is no support from the Ministry of Education. Parents pay what they can which goes to the teacher for her salary.
I would love to spend some of my energy helping improve the kindergarten facility.
The other project idea concerns the tremendous need for improved vision care and the purchase of eye glasses for those that need them the most. We would like to organize a vision screening for all the children at Ogongo Combined School and help those most in need to obtain glasses.
I will keep you posted on these plans. If anyone has any suggestions or can direct me to new resources, please contact me.