New Adventure Starts This Week

In a couple days I will be leaving to go to Namibia again. This time I will be traveling with Marc and our 3 1/2 yr old fosterchild, Kaleb. Most people think we are crazy and we probably are, but we couldn't bring ourselves to leaving him behind. I can't wait to see his face when he has his first up close experience with an elephant or giraffe. The 14 hour plane ride should be an experience in itself with Kaleb!
When we arrive in Windhoek on May 15th, Rachel & her close friend Imms, and WorldTeach friend, Jen will be joining us for a week of travel through the south and west part of Namibia. We are renting a 4 X 4 truck with pop-up tent on the roof for camping.
Our projects in Ogongo are developing nicely. The Eyes for Ogongo project has received donations to sponsor 21 children for professional eye exams, and prescription glasses. We will be vision screening all 400+ kids at the school and identifying the most needy to be sponsored.
We will also be helping to make some improvements to the tiny kindergarten building. We have plans to build tables, bookshelves, install chalkboards, and brighten up the inside with some fresh paint. That should be a fun project.
The other plan is to use donation funds to take a group of the top learners from each grade on a camping trip to Etosha Wildlife Reserve. Most of the learners have never been to this fabulous park, eventhough it is less than 2 hours from Ogongo.
I will try to do an occaisional post while I am traveling, but internet access is limited. I will definitely post new pictures when I return in July and contact everyone that sponsored a child for vision care and glasses.